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Corona (COVID-19) virus

I hope every one of you are keeping well during this tough period of COVID-19 – trying to stay positive and strong.

It’s interesting where the last four months have landed us. Pandemic has declared by WHO and has turned out to be devastating around the globe causing unfortunate deaths, economic downturns, employment figures to be reduced and panic buying with some countries even becoming affected by a second wave of virus spread.

We as a family have thus far been extremely fortunate to have been unaffected by COVID-19 and I wish to convey to every one who has suffered loss in one form or the other that hope can help overcome these troubled time; Economies may falter and wither but if we remain strong as one and fight, soon enough as a humanity, we will rise again – it will be back to BAU (Business As Usual).

Stay strong, positive and healthy. May $deity be with you and your loved ones!