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Corona (COVID-19) virus

I hope every one of you are keeping well during this tough period of COVID-19 – trying to stay positive and strong.

It’s interesting where the last four months have landed us. Pandemic has declared by WHO and has turned out to be devastating around the globe causing unfortunate deaths, economic downturns, employment figures to be reduced and panic buying with some countries even becoming affected by a second wave of virus spread.

We as a family have thus far been extremely fortunate to have been unaffected by COVID-19 and I wish to convey to every one who has suffered loss in one form or the other that hope can help overcome these troubled time; Economies may falter and wither but if we remain strong as one and fight, soon enough as a humanity, we will rise again – it will be back to BAU (Business As Usual).

Stay strong, positive and healthy. May $deity be with you and your loved ones!

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Good providers in Australia for FTTN, ADSL2 and Wireless (4G) Internet

I have used many internet providers in the past however did not maintain UP/DOWN/SYNC/SNR rates so the information might be invalid as of present day; please take them as  a guide only. There are many variables that control how good latency/throughput is to the CPE such as the use of last mile copper (FTTN), fibre (FTTH), VDSL2/ADSL2 equipment compatibility, “ports” congestion at ADSL2/VDSL2 exchanges (is your provider buying enough connectivity?), damaged copper wiring, number of 4G capable towers, traffic engineering by your provider and last but not the least, wireless router misconfigurations.

Good ISPs for ADSL2

  1. Internode
  2. Iinet
  3. TPG
  4. Optus
  5. Telstra ($$)

Good 4G dedicated wireless providers (expect high latencies in general)

  1. Telstra ($$)
  2. Optus
  3. Amaysim

Good RSPs for FTTN

  1. Aussie BroadBand
  2. Internode
  3. Telstra ($$)

I would love to know which FTTH provider your experiences have been good with.